Bicycle Feudal Samurai Deck

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Enter the dark, mysterious world of an ancient Japan by way of our courageous decks. Ninjas and Samurais duel in the FEUDAL world.

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Since ancient times in Japan, samurais and ninjas have fought for their respected sides. Now with these UPSPCC-printed cards, you reign over the fate of these immortalized warriors, and it will be your playing card stealth that will determine the outcome of this epic feud.

Open these beautifully designed tuck boxes to unleash your inner ninja or samurai. Each striking tuck features stunning hand-illustrated designs of the warriors, battling to defend the honor of the hand that rules the deck.

Reflecting the darker side of the Feudal world are the stealth ninjas. One side of this tuck box features ninja warriors cloaked in disguise with only their eyes exposed. Armed with razor sharp swords and flying ninja stars, the ninjas of this deck are prepared for the ultimate battle of cards. The intricate design of the FEUDAL ninja warriors and fierce stylized dragon lingering on the sidelines are indicative of an ancient Japanese society.

This striking tuck box features the elite samurai warriors in combat exemplifying the true way of the warrior. Illustrated in full-clad armor bearing samurai swords, a group of samurai is front and center on the back of this tuck box, with a gold contrasting dragon peering out from the borders. The reverse side features an intricate rendering of a samurai’s face in shiny black against intercrossing gold swords and an ancient Japanese symbol.

With both FEUDAL decks prepared for war, it is time for the epic battle to ensue. So grab your weapon of choice—a silent flying ninja star or an honorable samurai sword—and dress for your side, because this will be a battle of the cards like no other.

The facade of an aggressive ninja’s head in gleaming black coats the back of these cards. Like the ninja himself, his weapons of choice—twin sais and deadly ninja stars—are cleverly camouflaged into the design. The design centers on a gold-foiled ninja star and dragons, from which the ninja harnesses his strength and auspicious powers.

An intimidating samurai flanked by dragons emerges from the back of the cards to dominate the entire deck. With a striking ebony design, the illustration is centered on samurai swords and an ancient symbol, contrasting beautifully against the sanguine background.

The front of the cards carry a traditional layout with custom geometrically designed pips. The cards are infused with a dragon tail border. Each deck features contrasting colors to allow for easy reading. After all, there is nothing worse than needing to grab your reading glasses or turn up the lights during an epic battle of cards.

Pouncing to attack, this ninja ace of hearts is a master of disguise and expertly wears the suite across his face. Bearing the deadliest of weapons, no one stands a chance against this FEUDAL warrior.

Welding the Asian death scythe, the king leads his cult of warriors to engage in the most unorthodox of card combats.

Even partially masked, no one can deny the beauty of this female ninja warrior. This ninja has a weapon cleverly hiding in her hair, providing easy access to take out her opponents.

No task is too grueling for this fearsome jack. Use his mysterious nature to infiltrate and sabotage unruly players in your clash of cards.

No details were spared bringing to life this ultimate deck of cutthroat ninja warriors.

 A perfect follower to the bushido code, this ace honorably fights his opponents while looking good with his stylish ornate headpiece.

Fighting in full-clad armor can only be pulled off by the noblest of kings. Pops of color highlight his attire, making him one of the best-looking samurais of the deck.

Not to be reckoned with, this samurai queen is the commander of her sword.

Sporting an elite kimono, this jack samurai is prepared to battle face-to-face with his distinguished samurai sword.

The highly rendered details of the deck reveal the FEUDAL samurai to be the ultimate warriors of the land.


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Bicycle Feudal Samurai Deck

Bicycle Feudal Samurai Deck

Enter the dark, mysterious world of an ancient Japan by way of our courageous decks. Ninjas and Samurais duel in the FEUDAL world.

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