Orbit V3

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The third deck in Chris Brown’s wildly popular Orbit line, Orbit V3 continues its predecessors’ tradition of elegant design that joins both the magician and cardist communities.

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The cards are printed on thin, crushed stock that is perfect for handling, shuffling, and fanning. The card backs feature a clean, elegant design by Daniel Schneider against an attractive matte purple background.

The deck also features a duplicate 8 of spades, identical jokers, double backer, Arrco pip/face package, and a secret one-way back design.

Chris Brown’s “Orbit Jam” videos have shown how cardists and magicians can come together around a single deck, uniting the two communities… now you can try for yourself the deck that unites them!

Printed by the USPCC in a limited edition of 7500 decks.

The Orbit Deck is a modern card man’s dream. The thicker borders hint to a time when thick borders were essential in order to conceal certain mechanics such as second deals and various passes/shifts. In the deck you’ll find identical Astronaut jokers. This makes sandwich effects look more consistent for continuity purposes. There is also a double backer that comes with the deck. I tried to make sure there were multiple uses for each of the extra cards rather than just one use such as a reveal or a gaffed card with an extra pip. You will also find a duplicate 8 of spades in the deck for two reasons. 1. The 8 of spades is my favorite card. 2. In a card spread, an extra black 8 will go unnoticed if seen twice. If you had two Aces of Spades, somebody is more likely notice it. The box itself has 92 letters on it, which is 23 x 4. 23 is my totem. Also the zip code on the side adds up to 23.

I made sure to ask for fresh blades from the US Playing Card Company to ensure the cut on the cards were as fresh as possible. I have always been a fan of Arrco playing cards because of their stock, their longevity, and borders. You’ll notice that both the Orbits and Arrcos feel the pretty much the same in the hands as well as the look of the box. The main thing Orbit deck owners talk about is the smoothness and feel of the deck. This was always the most important aspect of cards for me. If the Orbits had a cousin, it would be the Arrco deck. The card stock is thick enough to keep its shape and strength but thin enough to do flourishes, pressure fans, and LePaul spreads with ease. The final thing, wait for it…This is a one way deck. I was going to keep this a secret but why not share it? I however will not tell where it is a one way deck unless we meet in person or if you figure it out on your own. It’s not hard to find but I’d rather not give the secret away publicly. I’m sure that when you find it, you’ll be glad I kept that off of a publicly seen page. The next Orbits will be red and the borders will be noticeably thinner. This way I will have the thick borders for those who like the thicks and thins for those who prefer the thins. Keep in mind that I will never reprint these thick Blue Orbits ever again. Only 2500 of these were made. The next batch will be a litter of 5000 decks, making the blues the rarest finds in the future. I wanted to make sure the Blue Orbits stood out from the rest in my lineup.

After 10 years in magic I knew it was time for me to release my first deck. It couldn’t have been done without my backers. My Kickstarter campaign wasn’t one of those funded-in-less-than-24-hours-Cinderella success stories. Which is one of the reasons why I love this deck so much. It was the underdog. Just how I like it. As a kid I always felt like a lot of my friends inherited money or were born into it. Which is awesome for them but it was difficult for me to observe because I just felt like luck would never be given to me. So I knew the only way I’d get it is to earn it myself. 3/4ths of the way through the Kickstarter campaign somebody reached out to me. Somebody who will remain anonymous because I know this person would not want the recognition due to their humble nature. This person told me that if my project hadn’t hit its goal of 10 thousand dollars raised by the deadline then they would push it the rest of the way because of how determined I was to succeed. Upon hearing this I instantly teared up. I couldn’t believe anybody would ever do something like this for me. I was eternally grateful and promised to pay it back. This person refused and said it wouldn’t be necessary. During this relief and excitement I fought even harder to get this at 100% crowd funded without any investors. I wanted to cost this person as little as possible because I never feel right taking something for free.

10988848_1564240327158420_1211787119_oOn the last night of the campaign I was around $1800 shy of my goal. I felt defeated even though I knew it would be pushed the rest of the way by my investor. I went to bed that night feeling a little somber knowing I was going to have to make the phone call in the morning. Normally, feeling this down would keep me wide awake with over thinking but I was exhausted from the anticipation. I knocked right out. At around 6 AM I was awoken by my constantly buzzing phone. I look at my phone with one eye open to see I have texts, voicemails, emails, Facebook posts, Instagram mentions, and a message from Kickstarter saying “YOU MADE IT!” I couldn’t believe it and it wasn’t in a “Wow this is so cool” kind of way, I was literally in disbelief that it happened. I thought it was a mistake, being that I had only been asleep for 5 hours. I stumbled into my living room in a sleepy noctambulous-like state to see that my Kickstarter page had not only reached its goal but surpassed it by over 1000 dollars. While I slept, a bunch of backers rallied and pushed it the rest of the way by increasing their pledge amounts and even brand new backers showed up. I ran into the bedroom and woke Holly up, she looked perplexed as to why I was so excited that early in the morning. She congratulated me, gave me a kiss, and then passed back out. Classic. When the campaign countdown came down to its last few seconds at around 2 pm. I wasn’t surrounded by a whole bunch of people with champagne raining down on me. I was by myself because Holly was at work. No music. No sounds. Just silence. The moment the countdown ended and it said “Funded” I took a big deep breath. I then calmly whispered to myself with eyes closed and hands covering my face “Ok Chris…We have a lot of work to do. Let’s fucking do this.” This was followed by some clapping, hoots, fist pumps, and WOOs.

OrbitPoster2This story is a perfect example of teamwork, persistence, and endurance. I had a team of amazing people helping me along the way that all contributed in some way. Even though my investor didn’t have to save me, just knowing they were going to be there for me made me feel so safe. Think of it like having training wheels as a kid then you look down and realize they didn’t even attach them to your bike yet. You were riding all by yourself. It was a great feeling. I can’t wait to give that feeling to somebody else in the future. On the right side of my ribs I have the word “Persist.” tattooed in giant Georgia font. On the left side I have “Endure.” Every time I act on those two words I succeed. Even in the Orbit box itself it says “Persist and Endure.” on the inner tuck flap. Now you know why it’s there, because if I didn’t use those two words throughout my life then the project wouldn’t have succeeded and I probably wouldn’t be writing this right now because this website wouldn’t even exist. I owe everything to my backers, supporters, friends, and family who helped me reach my goal. I’ll leave some of the credit for myself as well because you kind of have to be nuts to believe in something that nobody thinks can manifest. I would tell people all about the deck like it already existed and they would just smile and nod. I literally had to be crazy enough to see this entire project in its completed form before I even told anybody about it years ago. When I first created the website back in 2012 I knew the Orbit deck was coming. I snuck in the photoshopped projection of what I thought the cards would look like in the reflection of my sunglasses. Almost as if I could physically see the Orbit deck in my hands way back then even though it wouldn’t come to fully develop into existence for another 3 years. The best part about all of this? Anybody can do it. You’d be surprised what can be accomplished by simply refusing to give up.

I wanted the buyers of this deck to know this story.




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Orbit V3

Orbit V3

The third deck in Chris Brown’s wildly popular Orbit line, Orbit V3 continues its predecessors’ tradition of elegant design that joins both the magician and cardist communities.

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