Virtuoso Deck ss16

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The best deck for Cardistry is the one designed for it.

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Introducing the new Spring/Summer 2016 Virtuoso deck

The Virtuoso deck made history in 2012 as the first deck ever designed for Cardistry, and remains today as the choice of top Cardists around the globe. This time, we’ve crafted the boldest and most breathtaking Virtuoso deck to date, and we can’t wait to put it into your hands.

The new edge-to-edge back design not only magnifies each shape for maximum visibility; it liberates the cards to seamlessly merge with one another to establish new forms.

The deeper lines further amplify every rotation, and accompanied with dashes of cadmium yellow, artfully wrap over to the faces to paint streaks of color when spread.

Complemented with an energetic colorway evoking the spirit of borderless adventure, the SS16 marks our most explosive aesthetic experience yet.

Here are the 6 things you need to know about the new SS16 Virtuoso deck and the Cardistry tutorials available with it.

1. In-depth Cardistry tutorials available for beginners to pros

Want to learn some Cardistry? We’ve made our best Cardistry tutorials available as add-ons when you get the SS16 Virtuoso deck. Purchase 2 decks or more and you’ll get a selection of our best tutorials as gifts. Watch the tutorial trailer.

2. The first and only deck truly designed for Cardistry.

The Virtuoso deck’s Adaptive Aesthetics back design visually accentuate and amplifies every card flourish you perform. Every shape and line was derived from the geometric movements of Cardistry, making your fans, cuts, twirls, displays, and cascades look that much better. Basically, it’s the only deck that makes all your card flourishes immediately look that much better.

3. Powerful new features and refinements

The new SS16 Virtuoso Deck has a new edge-to-edge back design and powerful new refinements that which take Adaptive Aesthetics yet another level. It also features deeper strobe lines for amplified rotations, and a back design that wraps around to the faces to create beautiful streaks of color when spread, making every flourish you perform more vibrant, connected, and fluid than ever.

4. Handling and quality optimised for Cardistry

The Virtuoso deck is crafted with just the right thickness, weight, and resistance for Cardistry. It is also made with casino-grade materials and processes using the Q1 standard, so it clumps less and last longer than the average deck. In fact, it’s so addictive that it’s what our customers describe as “the one deck they cannot put down”.

5. Gorgeous artwork and illustrations

The Virtuoso deck features gorgeous artwork that many of our customers actually frame and display on their walls. This includes modern and minimalist royals, our iconic Ace of Spades, our geometric suits, and our signature wraparound tuck case.

6. Limited seasonal run

The SS16 Virtuoso deck is a seasonal product, and will only be available while stocks last. As our last deck sold out in just 9 hours, do place your order soon to avoid disappointment.


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Virtuoso Deck ss16

Virtuoso Deck ss16

The best deck for Cardistry is the one designed for it.

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